2017 Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting


The exhibition for the 2017 Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting will held concurrent to the meeting.  All poster sessions and breaks will be held inside the exhibition hall to maximize exposure to the exhibition. Exhibitors include both academic and industrial/commercial vendors.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the event, please contact the Exhibits Co-Chairs:

Scott Newkirk (commercial vendors) David Pringle (academic vendors) 

Click here to download a copy of the Contract and Welcome Letter to Vendors 



 1 Bruker Optics, Inc. 2 Netzsch Instruments NA 3 Oakwood Chemical
 4 Gamry Instruments Inc. 5 Colorado Local Section ACS 6 JEOL USA
 7 Colorado State University 8 Illinois State University 9 Wilmad LabGlass
 10 Advion 11 Arizona State University 12 Am. Soc. Brewing Chemists
 13 Reserved 14 AGS Scientific 15 Univ Northern Colorado 3D simulations
 16 Reserved 17 University of Northern Colorado 18 University of Wyoming
 19 Andor Technology 20 Quark Glass 21 Boise State University
 22 Nanalysis 23 Morton Publishing  24 Pine Research Instrumentation