2017 Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting

Program and Schedule

The following invited symposia are being planned for the Meeting. Organizers for each of these symposia are listed beside their sessions. 

  • Catalysis and Green Chemistry - Hua Zhao (organizer)
  • Biomaterials for Energy Production - Richard Schwenz (organizer)
  • Nanomaterials - Jing Zhou (organizer)
  • Energy Production from Solar Radiation - Carl Koval (organizer)
  • Radioanalytical Nuclear Chemistry Ning Xu (organizer)
  • The Future of Chemical Education - Jerry Suits (organizer)
  • Chemistry and the Environment - Richard Schwenz (organizer)
  • Chemistry of Beer and Brewing Products - Michael Mosher (organizer)
  • Cohosted by the American Society of Brewing Chemists
  • Young Scholars Symposium - Debbie Crans (organizer)
  • Inhibitor Design and Studies in Medicinal Chemistry - Debbie Crans (organizer)

The Meeting will begin on Wednesday evening with a Welcome Reception, Exhibition, and SCI-MIX starting at 6pm in the Pinyon Pine ballroom of the Embassy Suites.  The meeting will run until Saturday noon.  The Schedule of Events and the Technical Program can be viewed by visiting the link below.  

These are TENTATIVE and subject to change prior to the meeting. Any changes will be announced to those affected directly:


Block Schedule 

Special Events

The following special events will be hosted at the Meeting.  Organizers for each of these are listed here.

  • Awards Reception (Thurs, 6:00-7:00pm) and Banquet (Thurs, 7:00pm-9:00pm)
  • Career Workshop (Friday, 8am-12pm)
  • Governance Social (Friday, 2:30-3:30pm)
  • WCC Breakfast (Thursday, 7:30-8:30) - Christine Dunne (organizer)
  • YCC Lunch (Thursday, 12pm-1pm) - Christine Dunne (organizer)
  • WCC/YCC "Just Cocktails" reception (Friday, 5pm-7pm)
  • SCC Break (Thursday, 10am-11am) - Gerry Meyer (organizer)